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pool covers https://www.google.com/maps?cid=2424546605245327330 DesignerPoolcoversCapeTown 0:00 pool covers 0:10 Swimming Pool covers 0:20 Pool cover 0:30 Automatic pool covers 0:45 Thermal Blankets 0:50 Designer Pool covers CapeTown Designer Pool Covers Cape Town have been the trendsetters and industry leaders in the supply and installation of Automatic and Manual Pool Covers in South Africa since 2012 with industry experience of over 10 years. As our delighted owners and existing clients have already discovered – our pool covers are the finest, safest and easiest-to-use pool covers on the market. Whether you have an existing pool or planning to build a new one, the most important accessory is a pool cover. Our highly experienced and qualified team look forward to providing you with the ultimate pool cover solution to suit your requirements. We urge you to implement this plan today! Our products inc: PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Covers, PoolDeck Slatted Automatic Covers Designer Pool Covers Cape Town 53 Goedemoed Rd, Goedemoed,, Cape Town 7550 Willem de Wet: Regional Manager - CPT +27 (82) 461-8330 Contact Number: 082 461 8330 projectscpt@designercovers.co.za #designerpoolcoverscapetown #designerpoolcovers #pool covers #swimmingpoolcovers #pool covers automatic #Pet and Child Safety Cover #PoolLock V5M Easy Glide #Thermal Blankets #pool cover pool covers automatic The PoolDeck slatted covers are CUSTOM MADE to fit any size and shape pool: whether it is indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial – you can choose from a wide variety of POLY CARBONATED or high-quality pvc slats, as well as different installation options to ensure that the cover is integrated perfectly with your pool surroundings. Our slatted covers are EASY to install and even easier to operate; just press a button or turn a key to cover or uncover your pool. Not only are our slatted covers ELEGANT and STYLISH but they will ensure you save money due to the various benefits that were listed. The main benefit is that the polycarbonate option can increase the temperature of your pool. Please note: Slatted covers float on water. Slats are air sealed and have a buoyancy factor. For Slatted Covers to also act as a safety cover, either a safety ledge or stainless steel handrail is required so nothing can slip between the side of the pool and the internal wall of the pool. This acts as a catchment and prevents the slats from tilting too deep underwater. This option can be included on all installation options mentioned here: PoolLock V5M Easy Glide The PoolLock V5 Manual Easy Glide Safety Cover is an improvement from any other manual system available on the market because the mechanism has a built-in gear (ratio 4:1). The cover is opened by using a crank handle which acts like a key and it is removable – great safety feature too! and closing the cover is done by pulling a harness. This is the stepping stone to automation as this can be upgraded at any given time as all we do is remove the mechanism and install the Hydraulic mechanism and powerpack. A V5 Manual can be installed with any of the beforementioned options (top track – top mechanism etc.) Pet and Child Safety Cover The pet and child safety cover is supported across the pool by aluminum battens that are secured into the PVC cover. The cover has a ± 300mm overlap on all sides and one end is anchored into place with removable anchor bolts and the opposite end has corresponding ratchets which allow the cover to be tightened. Two people are required to operate this cover. Once the cover has been removed and rolled-up, it can be stored away easily. No construction is needed for this cover. Thermal Blankets Solar / Thermal Blankets are exceptionally and innovatively designed to utilise the sun’s rays primarily for 2 functions: to warm the pool water directly below the cover to act as an insulator (during the evening, windy times etc.) They are available in various micron polyethylene variants with UV inhibitors and come with warranties. These covers float on water, bubble side down and can be custom made for any pool size and shape. These covers can be used for home, school, gym, industry and agriculture and other commercial type pools. GET A QUOTATION Energy Guard Geobubble Pool Blanket This innovative cover reduces a pool’s power consumption and saves on household electricity costs. The EnergyGuard thermal cover has a dark grey surface with a black underside. The EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover inhibits light entry into the pool, preventing photosynthesis and making it difficult for algae to grow or survive. This, combined with its thermal properties, yields several benefits for the pool owner. A variety of colours means this cover can blend into the look and feel of the outdoor living area Some advantages of this cover include: – simplicity of design and ease of use – its durability Willem de Wet: Regional Manager - CPT +27 (82) 461-8330 projectscpt@designercovers.co.za



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